SportsArt S770 Pinnacle Trainer

  • Fingertip resistance controls.
  • Combined forward/backward and medial/lateral motion combines both large and small muscle groups and improves core stability and balance.
  • Closed-chain movement protects joints.
  • Cordless, self-generating design requires no external power to operate.
  • Dual-action motion burns more calories and engages more muscle groups.
  • The S770 features a tri-color dot matrix display with multiple feedback options, challenging programs and 20 levels of resistance.

Product Description

The SportsArt Fitness S770 Pinnacle Trainer uniquely combines cardio, core and stability training. Other cardio fitness products employ the large muscle groups associated with forward motion. The S770 Pinnacle Trainer combines this forward motion with sideways movement to employ small muscle groups that enhance core stability and balance. Not only can exercisers improve their cardiovascular health and tone large muscle groups, but they can also strengthen their core – a unique combination in the realm of cardio fitness products.

Additional Information

Weight 374 lbs


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