Compliment your free weight training area with Paramount’s extensive and versatile selection of commercially constructed benches, racks, and accessories.

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FS22 Low Back/Abdominal

Low Back/Abdominal Bench
• Unique easy to adjust design for both back extension and
abdominal crunch exercises.
• 7 position thigh pad at 45 degrees for proper ergonomics
during back extension.
• Back pad angled 15 degrees and 3 position ankle pad for
support during abdominal crunch.
• Dimensions: 51” deep x 31” wide x 32” tall

FS-20 Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

Flat/Incline/Decline Bench
• 6 position adjustment from
-10 to 80 degrees.
• Wheels for easy moving.
• Dimensions:
49” deep x 31” wide x 19” tall

FS21 Abdominal Crunch Bench

Ab Crunch Bench
• Back pad angled 20 degrees
and dual ankle pads for
comfort and ergonomics.
• Wheels for easy moving.
• Dimensions:
46” deep x 24” wide x 23” tall

FS23 Knee Raise / Dip / Chin

Knee Raise/Dip/Chin
Back pad at 75 degrees
and angled elbow pads for
proper support during knee
raise exercise.
• Multiple grip chin bar
and dip handles.
• Dimensions:
45” deep x 37” wide x 86” tall

FS24 3-Tier Flat Tray Dumbbell Rack

3 Tier Flat Tray Dumbbell Rack
• Top tray accommodates kettlebells or dumbbells.
• Shown with optional Medicine Ball Rings.
• Dimensions: 29” deep x 42” wide x 39” tall
29” deep x 63” wide x 39” tall (with optional Med Ball Rings).

FS30 Smith Machine

Smith Machine
• 8 position bar catch
assembly with dual
adjustable safety
• Multiple grip chin bar
for exercise variation
and 8 storage posts
• Dimensions:
54” deep x 77” wide
x 84” tal