Medicine & Wall Balls and Racks

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6 Tier Medicine Ball Tower Rack

Product Dimensions:

Product/Shipping Weight : 15 LBS.

Product Options:

Available in: No Options Apply.

Product Description: 6 Tier Medicine Ball Tower Rack.

Smart Medicine Balls

The Smart Medicine Balls are a functional fitness staple. The weighted center forces the user to use different muscle groups to throw, bounce or twist with the ball.

VTX Fitness Ball Rack

Product Description: Rotational – makes selecting the balls easy and allows it be cornered for increased space and efficiency.

Multi-functional – can hold our medicine balls as well as our wall balls.

600lb weight capacity—enough to hold up to 12ea 50lb balls.

1 year warranty against defects.

VTX Wall Ball

The VTX Wall Ball comes in multiple sizes and colors. Each VTX Wall Ball is 14” diameter. Made of durable synthetic leather and designed for superior grip, each ball is stitched to our exacting specifications and comes with a 1 year commercial warranty. VTX Wall Balls are perfect for any athletic market applications. Available in 4 lb./ Yellow, 6 lb./Purple, 8 lb./Burgundy, 10 lb./ Black, 12 lb./Orange, and 14 lb./ Green, 16 lb. / Red 18 lb./ Gray, 20 lb. / Gray Blue, 25 lb./ Red Blue, 30 lb./ Yellow Blue, 35 lb./ Purple Blue, 40 lb./ Black Blue, 50 lb. Each Wall Ball comes with a 1 year warranty against breakage. Please note our Wall Balls are tough but they’re not slam balls. Slamming the VTX Wall Ball will void the warranty.