Prism Fitness Group brings you innovative functional fitness equipment and accessories that can be used to achieve transformative results.


We are committed to spreading greater understanding of the human body, and the safest and most effective ways to prepare the body for challenges ranging from everyday functional movements to amateur sporting events to a professional level competition.

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Mini Flat Bands

Three levels of resistance: Light (yellow), Medium (green), Heavy (blue). Bands are 2″ Wide by 11″ Long and come as a Set of 10.


Smart Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp package offers a range of our Smart Products to suit every lifestyle and fitness aspiration.

Weight:  16 lbs.

Smart Cart

The Smart Cart Training System organizes your training equipment into a compact and easy-to-transport system. Using the timed rotational circuit, coaches will be able to train as many as 60 athletes in one hour with the equipment on the Smart Cart.

Smart Pak

The Smart Pak is a complete gym in a portable package. This innovative mix of training equipment has been carefully-selected to improve quickness, agility, stamina and power.

Equipment included works the body in three planes of motion. Optimizes range of motion, stability, and strength to help reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Speed and Weighted Jump Ropes

Our durable Speed and Weighted Jump Ropes are designed with rubber grip handles that contours to the hands of the user, taking pressure off the wrist. Both jump ropes are fully adjustable; change the length of the rope to fit any height.