Self-guided fitness products are perfect for unattended workout facilities. Commercial-grade products can be used in any environment. Multiple exercises on product guides users through an effective workout program.

Fitness Equipment Sales is proud to offer products from Prism Fitness Group for your commercial gym equipment needs.

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Prism Deluxe Storage Tower

This accessories Storage Tower fits each one of self-guided fitness products and is perfect for unattended workout facilities. It’s versatility of this tower allows facilities to properly display and store all the key self-guided product available for the end user in a space-efficient manner.

Prism Economy Storage Tower

The Economy Storage Tower is a convenient all-in-one medicine ball and stability ball rack for easy access and storage. The tower also features a clip to hang extra resistance cables, bands and/or jump ropes.

Prism Essential Storage Tower

This space saving storage display allows for easy access to the essential fitness training products.

Prism Smart Mat

The Smart Mat has 14 Core Exercises printed on one side and 14 Stretching Poses on the other side for easy reference. The mat features a durable, non-slip surface.

Prism Smart Plyo Cube

The 3-in-1 Smart Foam Plyo can be used at 20″, 24″ and 30″ heights

Prism Smart Roller

The Smart Roller is used to release muscle tension before, during and after workouts.

Smart Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp package offers a range of our Smart Products to suit every lifestyle and fitness aspiration.

Weight:  16 lbs.

Smart Medicine Balls

The Smart Medicine Balls are a functional fitness staple. The weighted center forces the user to use different muscle groups to throw, bounce or twist with the ball.

Smart Stability Balls

Three sizes available, each are burst-resistant (PVC construction) and includes a pump.