A fitness center standard, steppers continue to be a popular equipment choice. The commercial grade steppers from Stairmaster and SportsArt carried by Fitness Equipment Sales feature smooth pedal transition, and great ergonomic handlebars for maximum workout comfort.

Stairclimbing burns more calories at slower speeds and lower impact rates than almost any other activity on the planet. Each gentle step burns more calories than walking. Stairclimbing is also more efficient as a workout. You must lift your body weight with each step, so stairclimbing is highly metabolic and burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time when compared to other equipment.
Although the stair climber is low impact, you do not have to sacrifice exercise intensity. Many motorized commercial stair climbers feature different workout programs such as interval training, aerobic training, hills, and sprints to optimize the workout, reduce boredom and keep people coming back for more.