Fitness Equipment Sales is proud to offer Landice commercial treadmills. Landice built its reputation by providing commercial-grade, durable fitness equipment. Fitness Equipment Sales can outfit your facility with these innovative, high-end treadmills which easily withstand the hours and variety of usage found in health club settings.

Landice products are designed by a world-class development team whose innovation defines the leading edge of high-end fitness.

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Landice L7 LTD Treadmill

Landice L Series Treadmills are available with your choice of four treadmill control panels, ensuring you get the features, programs and displays that fit you like your favorite pair of running shoes.  The console choices are what differentiate the types available.  See detailed console info in the More Info area.


Landice L8 LTD Treadmill

Designed for serious runners in institutional settings,  the L8 is engineered for facilities where usage is 5 hours or less a day.  The L8 LTD Treadmill offers an economical solution to limited-use applications without compromising on our superior features or reliability.

The console choices are what differentiates the models – please see details in the More Info area.